Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another interesting sight in dowtown Leoti, Kansas

As most Leotians have noticed at one time or another, many very large truckloads of various things are coming through Leoti several times a day now. I've mentioned several times before that I have seen some large sections of the windfarm stands getting "stuck" in the Broadway/Main intersection here. Sometimes, they are out of their fix within a few minutes. Others are still stationery for 30 minutes or longer.

Today, I and several other people around town saw a new twist on the matter. Two pilot vehicles and the semi-truck which was carrying one of the VERY large sections came to town from the south side of Leoti. Soon after they were in the city limits, the truck and the pilot car behind him, pulled to the south side of Main and sat there as the first pilot car went to the K-Store Convenience Store which is located on the southeast corner of the infamous intersection. The driver pulled in underneath the fuel tank canopy. Got out of his pickup and went to the back of his rig where a long "antenae" was extended upwards. Come to find out, this is NOT an antenae. Most of the pilot vehicles have them. They are actually measuring aparatuses. The driver read the measurement and called back to the truckdriver. The truckdriver and the pilot car moved back onto the highway and proceeded towards the intersection. Only this time, the truckdriver avoided the intersection mania by turning into the K-Store parking lot from the north-south side of the street. He drove under the canopy VERY slowly. We, the spectators, guessed that there was less than a 1 inch clearance between the bottom of the canopy and the top of the truck's load. Little by little, inch by inch, the truck made it's way under the canopy and back onto the west-east highway. Unfortunately, once the truck was on Broadway, it became stopped again in front of the Tom Thurman Tax Office. It didn't take long to get everything straightened up and headed down the highway again.

Things like this may not be interesting to most folks but to many people of Wichita County, it provides entertainment and something to talk about for days to come. LOL!!!



  1. i seen this again today another truck wind mill that held up traffic for a bit and had trouble going thru, but this time they were more careful

  2. also tonite my son seen a very large yahott boat on a tractor trailer tonite with 2 polit cars go thru leoti tonite wow and they had no trouble maybe the people who do the windmills need different trucks to haul them


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