Saturday, June 26, 2010

School reunions

Our class is having our class reunion during the fair. I have contacted as many people who I can find to invite them to our shing-ding. Three of us agreed that we needed to keep our costs down as much as possible so that everyone who wants to can attend our get-together. We decided that each single person can pay $5.00. Couples and families will attend for just $10.00. We've asked everyone to bring a casserole, etc, a bottle of pop and a bag of ice. We're having the get-together in a back yard so we don't have to worry about paying for rent of a building, etc. I think that we have the right idea! No one has complained to me that we are charging too much.

Today, I ran into a lady from Scott City. She told me that her class of 1979 is requiring that each classmate and guest pay $50.00 each. In her family, she has a husband and two daughters. That would cost her $200.00! Isn't that just RIDICULOUS??? As a result of the expense, many of her classmates have opted to not even bother coming to the reunion.

I'm certainly happy that we hve chosen to do things the way that we have...


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