Monday, June 28, 2010

Color Place House Paint

When we decided to purchase housepaint to cover our DARK cocoa-colored paint on our house, we expected to have to purchase a great deal of paint because of the fact that we were going to be covering such a dark paint with a pale yellow paint. We chose to purchase Wal-Mart's Color Place House Paint. A five gallon bucket cost us $53.00. I THINK that a gallon of it costs $12.00. We expected that it would take at least 2 and possibly 3 5-gallon buckets to cover our house's exterior.

We have been extremely surprised and happy that so far, we have used less than one half of the bucket to paint half of our house with the first coat. Surprisingly, very little of the brown is showing up. You really have to look close to see any of it. Of course, after the whole house has been painted with the first coat, we will apply the second coat just to make sure that we have good coverage.

I would advise that if you have any plans of painting your house that you pay close attention to the roller covers that you choose. They can make all of the difference in how well the paint covers. Our house is covered with Masonite siding so I purchased a 5/8" paint roller cover. It looks rather fluffy and is doing a wonderful job. Of course, you can purchase covers that are very thin or even thicker. Read on the cover packages to see just what kind of siding materials that cover is made for.

At this point, I would DEFINITELY recommend this Color Place Housepaint to others!


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