Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thank you, Don and Carolyn!

For the past several years, Don and Carolyn Waldren have worked ALMOST tirelessly to groom the Wichita County cemeteries. They are so well known for all that they do. This past Spring, heavy rains fell and threatened to keep the Waldrens' mowers from doing their thing. Both Waldrens were so very concerned that the grass would be too high when people arrived to put out flowers, etc.

Well, last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend. When people arrived to the cemeteries, they found green grass that was perfectly immaculate. I have heard so many people comment on what an outstanding job they do yearround.

Don and Carolyn are also hired to keep up the Wichita County Courthouse and Sheriff's Office grounds as well as the interior of the courthouse. They never let us down. Everything always looks great!

If you haven't made a trip to the Wichita County Cemetery south of Leoti lately, you owe it to yourself to take a drive out there soon. Families have planted various plants such as tulips and irises at their loved ones' gravesites for years. This year's irises are the prettiest that I can ever remember out there.

While in town, take a gander at the garden just to the north of the Eastern entrance to the courthouse. It is beautiful! When Karla Giesick-Ridder passed away, the people whom she worked with and was so loved by, planted bushes and flowers there in her memory. There is a bench there also.

Anyway, thank you, Don and Carolyn, for each drop of tears, sweat and blood that you emit. We appreciate all that you do!!!



  1. Lynn I just wanted to say a special Thank you. You will never know how much that met to us. It really means a lot to us that people know that their loved ones are taking care of. Thanks again

  2. Can't say Beulah has been taken care of in the best way!!! But thanks to Vic, he takes care of my complaints.

  3. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THE WRITER OF THE THIRD COMMENT!!! Their job is anything BUT easy! But, as always, there has to be someone who can find fault with everyone and everything that is done. Don and Carolyn, I apologize for the naysayer. As I said earlier, if you have nothing nice to say about someone who I mention on here, please don't say anything. Don and Carolyn, I agree with MANY people in Wichita County that you are doing an EXCELLENT job!!! VLE-B

  4. I've had some "run-ins" with a few trees out there too. LOL! Our car is scratched also so we don't drive the van out there. I imagine that it is the county commissioners' responsibility for deciding what to do with the overgrown bushes. I hate to see them yanked out but they really grew this year and have become troublesome. Some are threatening to cover tombstones.

    I appreciate any and all comments but I prefer not to see someone talk nastily about people who I bring up on my blog.

    Thanks for writing!



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