Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scott's Hometown Foods

Back in the early '80s, Denny Kuhn from Scott City hired Scott Achenbach to manage his grocery store in Leoti. It was housed where Mel's is today. Since then, Scott and his family moved to Lindsborg where they own a wonderful grocery store. While we visited the store yesterday, we learned that they are actually famous for shipping authentic Swedish food around the United States. I wanted to pass that information on to you since Swedish food is not commonly found just everywhere. Here are examples of the food that they ship somewhere everyday:

Almond Paste (for marzipan candies, etc.)
Homemade Swedish rye bread
Fresh homemade potato sausage
Lingonberries (fresh or preserves)
Swedish pancake mix
Swedish crispbread
King Oscar Coffee
Homemade ostkaka
Jacobsen's cinnamon toast and snack toast
Bond Ost Cheese
Pickled herring in wine/cream sauce
Lutfisk (dried, fresh, frozen)

I strongly urge you to click on the store's website. At the top, you will find several topics you can click on. Go to the SWEDISH FOODS topic. Once on that site, you will find an AMAZING bevy of groceries available to be sent that I have not printed here. I think that you will be shocked at the vast amount of items that they carry that can be shipped to you!

Here is the store's website:

Here is the contact information that you will need to get your Swedish goodies on the road to you today:


or email Scott at



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