Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And, NOW, there are three...

Last week, the dome was raised and mounted on the second dome school in Leoti. As of this afternoon, there are THREE dome schools that are basically finished on the exterior. The third dome went up this morning. These guys are really moving right along! Of course, the interior work still needs to be completed. If you have a chance, drive by the junior high and have yourself a look.

I spoke with a representative of the school a few minutes ago. I want to pass the information that I learned on to you. During the past year, a large amount of people have asked me questions on this major project in Wichita County.

First of all, there are a total of 3 dome schools that are expected for many years to come. People have asked me if others would be started once these three were near completion. The answer is NO.

Secondly, people want to know when officials expect to begin school in the new buildings. Much interior work still needs to be finished. School will resume at the current grade school as always in August. The 2010-2011 school year should be the last for school there. Right now, it is expected that the new buildings will be ready for kids in the 2011-2012 school year.

I know that MANY graduates and former students of Wichita County Schools will be in town for the fair and class reunions. If you want to take a tour, contact people at the School Board Office or call them at 620-375-4677 to get a time scheduled. I think that you'll be quite positively impressed with how they look! We were shocked at how the interior looks at the weight-lifting room which was the first dome completed here. I know that I've had people tell me that they assumed that the inside of the buildings would be noisy. That is simply NOT the case. When we were there, we heard nothing from the outside world. It should be a very good environment for our students.

Thank you to Dr. Hardy, the Wichita County School Board and the voters of Wichita County who are making this a reality for our current students and the ones who will follow to attend school in a safe and tight environment!


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