Thursday, June 10, 2010

Leoti City Council Recall

The recall committee of Leoti, Eugene Biel, Jeanene French and Jim Myers has sent an article to the Leoti Standard to be printed in the June 9th, 2010 edition of the newspaper. I am going to write it here for all to read, word for word. I do NOT want to take any chances of my personal opinions or reactions to be read here.

"The recall committee appreciates the citizens of Leoti who were willing to sign petitions to recall two council members and the mayor. We were successful in obtaining enough signatures to call for a vote, at the August 3rd primary, on whether or not to remove Carol Berning from the Leoti City Council. Due to primary election deadlines, we did not have enough time to obtain the necessary number of signatures on recalling councilman Roger Porter and Mayor Laura Medina. We could have continued to work on these recall petitions, however that would have called for a special election, and we did not wish to create added election expenses for our community at this time. We hope that citizens of Leoti will continue to keep informed on actions by the city council to address the financial and infrastructure problems facing our city, and will express their opinions through the ballot box on August 3rd." End quote


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  1. Doesn't matter who they recall, those two still aren't getting their jobs back! lol They can preach all they want about infrastructure and hostile employees, but we all know their beef is with being fired.


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