Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Carol Berning's Wise Words

The Garden City Telegram of Garden City, Kansas published this comment that Leoti's City Council Person Carol Berning had sent to them in regards to her possible recall. I was and still am TOTALLY impressed with what she wrote. I feel it is important to pass this on to whomever is interested in reading it. It is time for us to put the bitterness and misunderstandings behind us and replace them with putting the pieces of peace back together. All Leotians deserve that. VLE-B

In an e-mail to The Telegram, Berning said, "The bottom line is that the recall vote will come and go and regardless of the outcome, the residents of Leoti, Kansas, will still have water, sewer, and sanitation services; just like they've been receiving all along. There will be work done on the streets this summer and fall, just as has been done in the past. There are city employees on staff that are willing and able to do the work set in front of them. The city is not in danger of losing any water rights on city wells, repairs are being completed on schedule. Leoti is and will continue to be a great place on the Great Plains."


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