Saturday, May 1, 2010

My thoughts about your memories of Daddy

I just have to tell those of you who have sent me your memories of Daddy, that I have enjoyed each one so very much! And, as for you who mentioned Daddy's co-worker, Shorty, I all but died on my laughter!!! You really brought a lot of sunshine into my heart!!! I don't know who Shorty would have been unless he was a Lauber. I'll ask Mama if she remembers who he was.

I also heard from my cousin, LeeRoy Kiefer. He nor I realized that Daddy had died on 22nd anniversary of a life-threatening accident that just almost claimed his life. He joked that maybe us of the Elder family should just stay in bed on furutr April 29s. LOL!

PLEASE keep sending me your memories. If you do not want me to share them here, I will not. I just look forward to hearing from more people whose lives were touched in one way or another.

Love to all of you!!!!!


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