Saturday, May 22, 2010

More information on yesterday's track regionals

Received additional information on the high school track regionals which were held in Sublette yesterday, May 21st. Thank you, K!!!

The girls who qualified for State from the WCHS team were Riley Matteson, Hannah Mehl, Rachel Busch, Paige Wells, Sarah Ridder, Nicole Huber and Cynthia Turley. Girls who competed but unfortunately did not qualify for state were Traci Brown, Makenna Clark, Javen Zellner, Kayla Graff and Allison Miller.

Their amazing coaches include Janee Porter, Shad Mehl, Kevin Clark and Allen Baker. All four of these people go so far to help these kids excel as they have. Thank you!!!

Something else that I want to point out to everyone is that Riley Matteson suffered with a severe knee injury this season. It took her away from practicing and competing for THREE WHOLE WEEKS! But, as you see, that didn't stop her from going on to have a very successful trip to Sublette! Riley qualified for State in both events that she competed in!

The State Track Meet will be held next weekend. As soon as I know how the girls did, I will let you know.

I also want to commend these girls' parents for all that they do to support their children whether it be in sports, educational, music, etc endeavors. There's nothing like looking out at the crowd and seeing your folks cheering you on!!!

Good luck, girls!!! You'll do just great!!!


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