Sunday, May 9, 2010

A BIG thank you!!!

About two weeks ago, I wrote on the blog that Leoti youth are preparing for a church camp close to Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is an AMAZING opportunity for anyone whoever has the chance to attend New Life Camp. Leighlyn went two years ago and still mentions information that she learned then very often. The camp lasts for 6 days and costs a significant amount of money. But every penny is so well-spent. To help the youth pay for their individual tuition, GAP sponsors under the direction of Mr. Kevin Larson, who is Christ Covenant's youth pastor, are now conducting a burrito fundraiser. Mrs. Jose (Isabel) Rito will be teaching everyone how to prepare this food. (By the way, she is an EXCELLENT cook!)

So, anyway, Leighlyn has been able to sell over 20 dozen burritos to family and friends! Don't forget that you do NOT pay for your burritos until you pick them up on May 17th at Christ Covenant Church.

We all so very much appreciate all of you who have reached into your pockets to help these kids go to camp! You will probably never know just how much this $12.00 donation from you will go to open doors into Chrisianity for these Leoti kids!

Bless you!!!


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