Monday, May 3, 2010

Is common courtesy making a come-back?

Back when I was a little girl, the early 60s, I can remember that whenever a man met a lady on the sidewalk, he would remove his hat from his head, and then would speak to her. Back then, men simply did not wear a hat or cap into a house or building. It was always removed at the door. Since then, those courtesies have been lost in society. However, it looks as if they may actually be making a comeback in our culture.

Yesterday, I was listening to a conversation. The people were talking about 2 young men who are currently starring in THE GREAT RACE on TV. The two are brothers who never leave their hats on in any building. They are also very polite to others whom the meet. Kudos go to their parents who have raised their sons to become the polite men whom they are!!! Hopefully, when kids see this show on TV, they will follow suit of these men and become courteous themselves.

One of the conversing people mentioned that just recently they have noticed men behaving much more gentleman-like than they have in many a year.

As for me, I say "thank-you" to these men who are making a real effort to revive the manners of yesteryear!


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