Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cocoa Mulch

Thank you, L, for sending this email to me! By doing so, many animals may be saved from severe illness or even death.

Cocoa Mulch is made from the cocoa shells that the Hershey Choclate Company discarded. The shells are then shredded and packaged and sent out to various stores such as Home Depot, Foreman's Garden Supply and other garden supply stores. These shells contain chemicals that can be extremely dangerous to the pets and wildlife who find the chocolate odor to be attractive enough to eat. The smaller the animal, the worse the effects tend to be.

As we already know, chocolate--especially dark and baker's varieties-- can kill dogs or at least make them very sick. Animals who eat this mulch may show the following symptoms: acting restless, excited and can eventually have tremors and serious seizures.

Some manufacturers such as the Cocoa Mulch brand now proclam that their products are free of the chemicals and are pet-safe. Read the label carefully before you buy it and then decide what is best for you and your indoor and outdoor best friends.


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