Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amazing friends

What would we be and do if it weren't for the friends in our lives? I don't ever want to be to the point where I can see that for myself. I feel sorry for the people who I see around Leoti who have no one. What a dull and sad life those people have to lead day after day...

One day last week, Dick, our mail man delivered a box to us. (Wow! Isn't it always fun to receive packages???) Chris and Peter had sent this treasure box to us! We couldn't wait to dig into it! Inside, was a vast variety of goodies! They had sent Mama a birthday gift from CHANEL which made her cry as she opened it. They knew that Leighlyn is leaving for camp on June 6th so they sent her a delightful t-shirt that is of the sort that it would be difficult to find in most parts of the U.S. Beautiful... Several flasks of drinking water that is only available in New York City and Connecticutt and a bottle of Hawaiian water. Too kool! And, if that weren't enough, they sent her a $100.00 check for camp!!! Can you believe that??? That wasn't all that came in this box. Chris and Peter sent Abigayle a totally green, not in color but in the green as to help keep our world clean and pollution-free, jump rope. It is constucted of an all-cotton rope and huge handles constructed from recycled materials. She loves it!!! Stan and I received an amazing piece of Deruda pottery which is produced in Italy and highly regarded all around the world. It was just perfect for us! As you know, we recently re-did our kitchen in a Tuscan motif. As soon as we placed the pottery in it's forever home there, it just fell into place and lit up the whole room! They also sent us the most amazing bar of soap ever... This VERY large and fragrant bar of soap was produced in a Tuscan company. It was then wrapped in a sheet of exquisite paper that looked like an amazing painting. No, the painting will not leave the soap--ever. Then, there was also a bag of CHANEL goodies waiting inside just for me!

Now, Chris is not satisfied to just send a regular everyday card and envelope. Her cards are 3 dimensional and the envelopes are decorated by her very own hands. They will NOT be discarded but will be preserved for the future...

Thank you, Chris and Peter, for such delightful forever gifts... Each is sooo very appreciated and loved!!! We love you...


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