Monday, May 3, 2010

Health Fair in Wichita County

Now is the time for you to be scheduling your appointment to have a full battery of blood tests, etc for next week's health fair in Wichita County. Men will also be having a prostate exam. These tests will provide much needed information to you and your doctor. More than one life has definitely been saved with these fairs!

The total cost is $40.00, yes, just forty dollars. If you were just to have one thyroid test done, it would cost you $27.00! Everythng will be done at the hospital. Please call Mandy at 375-2233 to set up your appointment(s). The fair will run from May 10th through the 13th.

FYI, these tests do NOT go through the billing system, thus, your insurance company will NOT pay for these tests. You will need to pay your $40.00 at the time of your appointment.

Here's to great health--yours and mine!!!


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