Monday, May 3, 2010

Who's crying--he, or I???

As you know, our children are our lives. One of our daughters brought a bookmark home from school last week. Once I read it, I could feel cracks forming in this ol' heart of mine. I think that other parents will feel the same twinge in their hearts...

by Judith Viorst

I threw away my teddy bear,
The one that lost his eye.
I threw him in the garbage pail
(I thought I heard him cry.)

I've had that little teddy bear
Since I was only two.
But I'm much bigger now and
I've got better things to do.

Than play with silly teddy bears.
And so I said good-bye
And threw him in the garbage pail.
(Who's crying--he, or I?)

Enough said...


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  1. Awww.i'd forgotten this poem, one of my girls used to recite it. Thanks for the memory!


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