Saturday, May 15, 2010

HUGE step for people who enjoy TV and Movies!

Do you enjoy watching movies? What about regular TV episodes? Well then, you simply have to read the rest of this post...

No matter where you live--in the city, small town or the country and have or can get internet, possess TV game console such as WII, PLAYSTATION, PS3, Xbox 360, etc, then, YOU have all of the following at your fingertips available:

UNLIMITED Comedies, comedy skits, mind-benders, Science Fiction, Crime, Drama, Kids-Family, Horror, Romance, STARZ, Documentary, Action/Adventures, Foreign, Classics, Thrillers, etc.. We're not just talking about old movies. We're talking about brand new movies that have just become available for sale such as at Wal-Mart.

It is so SIMPLE to get this started right away! Just call NEXFLIX at 866-716-0414. After the phone is answered, you will have the option to type in a 6-digit number to receive even quicker service! That number is 797 529 . If you'd prefer, just wait on the phone for an associate to help you. Or go on to their website which is for all of the information that you will need. Once you are signed up, your small FREE computer piece will be mailed to you immediately. We signed up on Thursday and received it on Saturday! Once the piece arrives, you just simply drop the piece into your game console. Once your NETFLIX appears on the tv screen, you will then be instructed to go to your computer, go to the NETFLIX website. Once there, you just type in your 4-digit code that you will find on your TV screen. Once it has been typed in to the computer, you are totally ready for action! Folks, we are talking that it takes LESS THAN 5 MINUTES to complete this procedure!!!

Go back to your TV and float through the extensive movie and TV episode menu. You then pop your corn, fix yourself a drink, sit back down with your throw and get comfortable THEN choose which movie you want to watch, click on it. Immediately, your movie begins playing. Then, you can watch as many movies as you want to and anytime you want. Watch as many movies as you want over and over at no additional cost! No longer, do you have to make a trip to your local DVD store and rent movies NOR do you have to wait for the movie to be mailed to your home.

Now, you are probably wanting to know how much an exceptional service like this is going to cost you... The answer to that is LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS EVERY MONTH. There is NO contract. You can choose to cancel any time that you want. But, WHY would you want to delete this delight from your life???

You owe it to your family, friends and yourself to go to the website and read about this great new service! You can pay for this with checks, money orders or simply use your debit or credit card online or over the phone. Can't get much easier that that, huh? Plus, these movies can also be played on your computer screen!

If you have any questions that you want to ask me, call me at 620-375-4584 or email me at .


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