Thursday, May 27, 2010

Interesting sight in Leoti...

Yesterday, we were driving home when we saw something at the main intersection in town that we normally don't see.

Several years ago, we lost our normal stoplight and now, we only have a flashing red light which is hazardous, at least in my opinion... Then, they narrowed down our intersection to the point that it is very difficult for semi-trucks and other large loads to turn there.

Well, yesterday, a truck pulling a VERY large piece of equipment that I assume was heading for a wind farm somewhere got STUCK. There was NO movement what-so-ever for several minutes. It got to the point where I thought that the driver was going to have to run to the grocery store and purchase some butter to slick it up so that it could get through. LOL!!!

Then, today, another truck carrying another similar piece of equipment ran right into the back end of a pick-up.

I've been told that we are seeing an increase in heavy loads through Leoti on Highway 96 because of the MAJOR road construction on Highway 50 through Garden City. Today, I worked in Scott City. On my way over, I met two truck "convoys" heading to Leoti. On my way home, I met another convoy headed towards Scott City.

The summer bicyclists are on the move again. With all of the additional traffic, we all need to pay close attention to what is happening ahead of us on the road...


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