Monday, May 17, 2010

Sense of Humor

A few years ago, the girls had been going to Bible School all week. They brought home a picture of Jesus who was smiling and appeared to be enjoying a hardy laugh. They showed their pictures to about everyone who walked through the door. One such person was an elderly family member who was becoming more and more grumpy as time went on. He was doing very little laughing by that point in time. He replied that that was the first time that he had ever seen a painting that was done to show Jesus laughing. Until that day, he said that he had only thought of Jesus as a serious person. Made quite a change in the way that this man saw various things.

Today, we receved an email from our dear youth pastor at our church, Mr. Kevin Larson. At the bottom of his email, he included this simple 6-worded phrase. Though I had heard of it before, I felt the urge to pass it on to all of you as it might be as important to you as it is to me.

"God has a sense of humor."

Boy, doesn't that make your heart smile???


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