Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leoti--ahead of the time

More often than not, whatever happens in Leoti, actually happens in larger cities first. In many cases, that is a GOOD thing. But, last night as I was watching the Wichita news, I learned that government leaders there are proposing laws to prohibit anyone under the age of 18 to purchase cans of spray paint. I'd say its about time!!! The grafitti there in several places is awful. Fortunately, those laws have been in place in Leoti for awhile now. And, I for one, am happy about it!!! Not long ago, "artists" in our community went on a trail of rampage through town and plastered their artwork on school buses, the exterior of homes, businesses and even the southern wall of no other than the Leoti's city attorney's office! Now, THAT takes guts and A LOT of disrespect.

Another major reason that underaged people are not able to legally buy spray paint is because of the threat of "huffing" which is commonly known as being able to literally rot the human brain and eventually causing death. Hopefully the high that is produced is worth that...

Actually, I have seen grafitti on train cars, etc that is simply amazing. Some of these people have great talent--just too bad that they are displaying it on others' property...

Way to go, Wichita County and Leoti government personnel for stepping up to the plate when you did! Leoti's a much nicer place to live in today!!!


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