Saturday, May 15, 2010

No-Kill Shelters

Until just recently, when city employees were forced to pick up a dog or cat off of the streets, the animal was given a few days in which the owner or someone else who wanted to give it a home showed up. If no one came along in the few days, there was no other choice, it had to be euthanized, put down, KILLED!

Now, people who love animals the way that I do, have organized groups to care for the fellers until their forever family comes along and adopts him/her. Many of these dogs who show great signs of intelligence and gentleness are transported to area prisons where the animal is trained to be a service pet. These are later sent to blind and/or deaf individuals or even to people with certain mental and physical health needs. Remarkably, many of these dogs can actually sense that his/her master is getting ready to have a seizure. They actually know that before us humans see the seizure coming! The dog then helps the master get to safety so that he/she is not harmed in any way. Simply remarkable...

I am happy to say that the City of Leoti is one such no-kill facility. Once picked up, the dog has a few days here while the animal's family can find it. After the allotted time period, individuals transport the dog or cat to either Silent Angels in Leoti or the Northwest Animal Center in Goodland.

I urge you to go onto the following websites for more information. While you are there, you will find pictures and stories of the individuals looking for families. You will see how old the animal is, his breed, personality, etc.

Northwest Animal Shelter--

Silent Angels--

Maybe you're not in the market for a new friend but would like to make a donation which will go to care for these animals. That information is also included on these websites. No donation is either too small or too large. Just give what you can.

Hope that you will find your next forever friend on one of these websites soon...



  1. the city of leoti killed my blind dog cuz i couldnt afford to bail her out when they picked her up. wish they had it squirt.

  2. I am sorry to hear that. So many fine dogs lost their lives because of the fact that these new shelters were not available yet. So happy that that is no longer the case! I am sorry for your heartbreak! Our pets are not just pets to us--they are part of our family...



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