Friday, May 7, 2010

Thoughts from my heart...

In the past few days, I have been approached by many-a person in Leoti. One thing that so many of those people believe is that it is becoming more and more difficult for any citizens of Leoti to remain neutral on the current crisis that we are going through. You are either totally for the City employees' opinions or for the opinions and movements of City Council. Irregardless of where you stand, I am sooo happy and proud that in these good ol' United States of America, it is still our right to state our opinions privately and publicly!!! Wouldn't it just be awful to live in a country where we had to keep our anguish bottled up inside of us festering away???

It is important for all to know that I did not use my blog as a weapon. I had absolutely NO intentions of hurting anyone!!! There was absolutely NO idividual or group of people in attendance that night who I disliked, dis-respected or meant any harm to. Those people were all good people and have every right to their own opinions. I just wish that we could find a peaceful way of coming to terms with the problems so that no one else gets hurt in any way. MANY prayers need to be sent upwards to help that to come to reality! I definitely do NOT know what the answer(s) is/are but our Heavenly Father does.

The Leoti City Hall has a large room with many chairs for citizens to attend any and all meetings held there. I urge every adult in town to come to the next meeting so that you can be better educated on the entire issue at hand. I will be there.




  1. I know i dont live in leoti now but i spent most of my life there. I am at a loss as to what is going on. i get bits and pieces of what is going on from the leoti paper. ha I am like all the other people that probably live in leoti. we only get bits and pieces of information. If both sides would just come out and say what it has or have not done, why they did it what they did or didnt do and how would be the best way of going to correct it.I feel that all the information should be put to the public from the sorces them selves so that it is correct and not mistaken gossip. then maybe a person can make up ther mind about what when it is now it is only being fueled my gossip and partial information. but ill bet that will never happen. karen tripp , pratt, ks formally of leoti

  2. was not trying to be anonymous but my computer savey is not good and it is the only profile that would work and let me post my comment. ha ha I put my name on it.. ha also keep up the good work and dont take down your blog it is enjoyed and get better your in my prayers . karen


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