Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a day to live on in our memories forever...

Our mother celebrated her birthday on May 15th. She requested no gifts that we could purchase. Instead, she just asked that we give her one day of work in her yard. Originally, we had planned on working the Sunday after her birthday. That didn't work out. That was graduation day in Garden City and Rob and Lona Sue's son was invited to it along with several post-graduation parties and I was still very sick. So sick that I could not get out of bed. So, we decided that we would all meet last Saturday.

What a day! Leif, Lori and Lars, Rob, Lona Sue and Hunter, Stan, Leighlyn, Abigayle and myself showed up in the morning to go to work. Then, Grandma came and spent a delightful afternoon with us there.

The work day included mowing which she has A LOT of area to mow so, at one time, her riding mower, Rob's riding mower and our pushmower were running at the same time. Leif and I went over and picked up a rototiller from friends of ours. Leif used it to till up areas where I would be planting a multitude of bushes and flowers. Some of those included holly, rosemary, coral bells, etc. The day was extremely windy and hot so we weren't able to get all of the plantings done then. I returned yesterday afternoon and planted the rest of her bushes and the coral bells on the west side of her house. I plan on returning tomorrow to plant her begonias and some odds and ends flowers.

Mama had bought a really nice patio table complete with chairs and umbrella a few days earlier. Rob, Lona Sue and Hunter put that together for her. While we were working, she covered it with all kinds of meat: salami, roast beef, ham, turkey, cheeses and other condiments along with loaves of white, wheat and sourdough bread. Grandma brought over homemade potato salad and chips. What a feast! We all gathered around the table and on her patio to eat and most importantly, to converse about happenings of today, yesteryear and what the future holds for the next generation. Hunter will be a junior next year...

Anyway, I wish that all families were able to be so close and to share such outstanding days together as we did.

If you get a chance, drive by and look on all sides of her house. We have one pocket between her house and garage that we will be planting lilacs and irises out of our yard someday this week also. I still have two ground covering junipers to plant on one of the corners of her yard.

Happy birthday, Mama!!! Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with the greatest mother ever!!!


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