Monday, May 3, 2010

Lucy Blough

If you have not already purchased last week's edition of THE LEOTI STANDARD, I would recommend that you buy it today or tomorrow. Mrs. Lucy Blough went on record to stand up for the current City Council of Leoti. And, I, for one, am VERY proud to stand WITH her not BEHIND her on this matter!!!

Anyone who lives in Leoti knows what I am referring to here. This strife between the Leoti GOVERNMENT and it's employees has gone on way too long! I cannot begin to tell you just how ANGRY I am with everyone who has chosen to go against the council members. We chose these people to make the decisions, the easy ones AND the difficult ones, when we met at the polls. If we thought that we could have made better decisions, then WE should have run for this very NON-glamourous position!!!

I have kept my opinion off of my blog for way too long out of respect for my sister, Lori Elder-Christensen, who is one proud to serve Leoti citizens through her partnership with other city council members. She has asked me over and over NOT to voice my opinion here.

So, if you want to know what my feelings are, buy THE LEOTI STANDARD and read what Lucy had to write...


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