Thursday, May 13, 2010


My lovely mother, Donna Lou Elder, will be celebrating her birthday this Saturday, May 15th. Instead of regular gifts, she has asked her 3 daughters, 2 sons and 3 grandsons and 2 granddaughters to help her with her yard this weekend. We are all really looking forward to it! But here is the problem. When she and Daddy bought their house and moved it onto their new lots in 1994, there was basically nothing but grass and some elm streets. Since then, I have planted some butterfly bushes, a sage plant and that is all that will come up from year to year. Lona Sue has come up and helped me plant annuals every spring. The only problem with them is that after the first hard freeze, they die never to make a comeback. LOL!!!

We're wanting to plant as many perennials as we possibly can this year so that she can look forward to them year after year. I have a bunch of different colored irises that I am going to transplant into her yard. Though she and I both love irises, they just bloom in the spring unless you buy the newfangled ones that bloom much more often. (I wanna get some of those!) We also have several lilac seedlings that we are going to give her. I also have some tall perennials that produce beautiful purple flowers for most of the summer that I am also going to transplant over there. But, at this time, I cannot think of any other perennials that I have a surplus of except for some yarrow that we'll also plant there.

Her yard is large and so it would be prettier if we had more plants planted. By now, many of us have walked through our gardens and discovered what plants need to be thinned out. As you know, if we don't thin them out, they either take over a garden or they become unhealthy. If you come across something that could use some thinning, would you please let me know? We are more than willing to come and dig them out for you! You just tell us what you want dug out and we'll do it! Also, I still have some gorgeous iris plants to trade or give away. And, believe me, she is not choosy about plants. Like me, she loves them all!!!

If you have something that you want to share or need something from me, please leave comments here or call me at 375-4584 or email me at

Thank you sooo much for any help that you can give to us!!!!!!!


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