Monday, May 3, 2010

Plumbing problem

Whenever I learn of something good or bad that can affect all of you, I do my best to post it here. Here is something else that I think that you need to know just in case you don't know it already.

Two or three weeks ago, we began noticing a foul odor in our kitchen and utility room. To begin with, it was centered in our kitchen and utility room which are side by side in our home. We looked and "sniffed" everywhere but could simply not discover where this obscene smell had originated. Over time, it continued to get worse and worse. Last week, it became so bad that as soon as you opened our front door which is located on the opposite side of our house than the kitchen and living room, the odor slapped you in the face!

Finally, Saturday, Stan decided to look under the house. Come to find out, our drainline which exits drainwater from our dishwasher and kitchen sink and washing machine AND the sink water in our main bathroom had come undone causing whatever went through this line to just spill into our crawl space instead of into the sewer which it should have been doing.

We have a garbage disposer which is quite handy. We use it at least once every day. seems that something that I had put through the disposer was responsible for the line coming apart! We had eaten spaghetti one evening. As usual, we had spaghetti left over in our pot so I just "flushed it through our disposer". The spaghetti accumalated in the drainline until it caused it to burst. Come to find out, left over spaghetti noodles and potato peels should NEVER be sent through a disposer! The potato peels will do the very same thing or will just cause your drains to clog up. I learned that several years ago...

Anyway, Stan cleaned up the mess and reconnected the pipework. Our house is coming close to smelling good again. I have also learned that whenever there is any kind of sewage spill under a building or on the outside of the building, bags of lime can be purchased at local hardware or lumber yards. Just spread the material over the raw sewage and leave it alone. It naturally absorbs the extra water and removes the nasty odors.

Just thought that you may want to know...



  1. Pat and Shorty are smiling down on Stan for a job well done! :) You know what I mean!;)


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