Tuesday, May 18, 2010

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Earlier, I posted that kids from GAP in Wichita County are planning on attending Bible camp at New Life Ranch just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma in June. To help raise funds for the tuition, etc., a Schwans'sale and burrito sale were planned. The Schwan's sale was even better than was expected!!! I urged you to contact us or other kids who are going to pre-order burritos. Well, the sale was totally OUTSTANDING!!! People were totally stunned at how many dozens of burritos were ordered!!! The future-campers who were armed with potato peelers assembled at Christ Covenant Church on Sunday afternoon to peel the necessary potatoes for the burritos. Then, yesterday, adults met at CCC to put the burritos together. Though they spent MUCH time on the assembly, there were so many burritos that still needed to be made and time was running low that phone calls were sent out for people to come in and help after school.

A bunch of burritos were not picked up yet. I am certain that people just forgot about them. They were put in freezers to preserve them for you. If you are one of those people, you can go to CCC today at 5:00 and pick them up. If you are not able to be there at that time, please call 375-4228 and set up arrangements to pick them up later.

Anyway, I want to thank each and every one of you who are helping these kids reach their goal so that each of these kids can go to camp!!! Each one deserves to go to this totally outstanding camp! It literally changes lives...

If you want to donate money to this cause, please contact Youth Minister Kevin Larson at CCC at 620-375-4228. If he is not there, please leave a message for him. He'll call you back!


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