Thursday, May 13, 2010

Current cold weather in Leoti

By this time of the year, people in Western Kansas are already using their air conditioners on a regular basis. This Spring has been different though. It has been much cooler than normal except for a few days when air conditioners were actually needed.

Last night, meteorologists in our area were warning us out here of possible and probable freezes overnight. To MY knowledge, that didn't happen. As of right now, 9:45 a.m., the temperature is 42 degrees outside. There is not a cloud in sight and we have only a slight breeze. Just BEAUTIFUL!!! So, even if it did freeze, it looks like the temperature will bounce to a nice level today. As you already know, if we have a freeze but the temperatures climb to at least a warm number, our plants have a good chance of being able to survive the prior freeze.

But, I also want to give you some advice for in the future. If you are expecting very cool weather either long-term or short-term, water your plants very well BEFORE the cold arrives. By doing so, the water causes the dirt to come together better around the plant's roots and the cold temps cannot do as much harm to the plants. If you have only a few plants to be concerned about, cover them with those little hoods or if you have fairly large gardens, cover them with old sheets or light blankets. But, don't forget to take them off as soon as the freezing temps have dissipated. The plants still need the sunshine and you don't want to leave much pressure on the plants that could cause them to bend or break.

Just thought that you MIGHT want to know this...


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