Sunday, May 9, 2010

Leoti Spring Clean-Up

This week is the time to clean things up! If you have anything that needs to be hauled off, place them in your alley or on the street. Please sort these things out according to wood, metal, etc. They will also rid your property of non-working vehicles. If you want them to perform this service for you, it is mandatory that you provide the City with your vehicle's registration BEFORE it is hauled off.

This is a very well-appreciated service that our City employees offer to us at no additional charge and we should take advantage of it whenever possible. I can also tell you that you simply cannot put out too little trash or too much garbage for this. A few years ago, I noticed that some people who live in our neighborhood actually piled up LARGE pile after pile. The crew had no problem moving these piles from Leoti to the junkyard. Yes, it took load after load but they got it all cleaned up. I'm talking about used appliances, LOTS of yard waste, tree branches, old toys, clothes, old carpet--you name it, it was probably be there. If it had not been for the City of Leoti employees, these items would probably either still be laying in this yard or would have blown around the neighborhood and landed in yards which it would not have been welomed in. LOL!!! The family did not even own a car let alone a pick-up to cart everything to the junkyard.

If you have any questions, please call Kasper at 375-2341.

Happy spring cleaning!!!


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