Monday, May 3, 2010

Ants, ants, ants and even more ants...

I have heard from several people in the Leoti area about how they (us, too) have been under a major attack of these troublesome little pests. I am referring to those little itty, bitty brown ants that travel in long, single-file lines. They seem to have attacked late in the winter.

We have tried those little packs of ant bait and the big-named ant sprays AND house and garden sprays also. Nothing has worked for us or for the others whom I have heard from. Ours first appeared on our kitchen countertops. Today, I found a "flock" of them in our main bathroom which is approximately 20 feet from the kitchen. The only thing that I have learned that is ridding homes and other buildings from these little nasties is calling professional pest exterminators. So, if you have just discovered that you are sharing your space with them, I suggest that instead of spending money on over-the-counter pesticides that you just call your local exterminator. While they are at your home, they can also spray for spiders, roaches and any other bugs that may be secretly living in your home.



  1. we have been having an ant problem this year too. thanks for advice.


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