Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Damaged roofs in Wichita County

I have heard through phone calls, etc this morning that our roof was definitely not the only one that was left with leaks in it. Some people are extremely angry about this because of the fact that they had just replaced them last summer after the major June storm. It does not neccesarily mean that your roofers did a poor job. The very strong winds just drove the heavy rain right on through the roof shingles, etc.

I have been told that after the roofs dry up, that it is entirely possible that the roofs will once again seal back up on their own. If you have doubts in that happening, I urge you to call your roofing company or house insurance agent or both if you so desire.

Wichita, Greeley and Wallace Counties are under a flood warning until 4:00 this afternoon and it is raining again as I write this. So, irregardless of whether or not you decide to contact anyone, I would strongly recommend that you place buckets, etc under the roof where you have had leaks. LOL!!!


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