Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Major storms missed us

Yesterday, May 25th, was a very turbulent day in Western Kansas. Several tornadoes touched ground, heavy rans poured out of the skies causing flooding in some areas. Though it looked like Wichita County would get in on the action, we were spared. Tornadoes were seen in Morton and Stanton Counties. At least 2 tornadoes went down on the Kansas-Colorado line. Another tornado was spotted between Tribune and Leoti. At least one more landed in Wallace County. I visited with one driver who actually watched a tornado cross the highway in front of him. He was driving a semi-truck and said that the winds caused him to worry that he may not be able to keep the truck on the road.

SEVERAL weather vehicles were seen in this neck of the woods including down Main Street in Leoti. It was quite easy to realize that these were not normal everyday vehicles. They had radars, satellites, etc. on them. One driver has told me that he all but ran into one of them when the driver of the weather mobile chose to just slam on the breaks to get more information from the clouds to the north. So, beware if you happen to get behind one of these mobile weather stations!


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