Saturday, December 11, 2010

7-Day Weather Forecast for Leoti

Today's high was 46 and the low is expected to be 12.

Sunday: High: 40 Low: 14 Sunny

Monday: High: 54 Low: 22 Mostly sunny

Tuesday: High: 55 Low: 31 Partly sunny

Wednesday: High: 43 Low: 28 Chance of snow (YAY!!!)

Thursday: High: 45 Low: 27 Cloudy

Friday: High 43 Low: 19 Sunny

Saturday: High: 41 Low: ??? Sunny

I heard some bad news this week. Some weathermen are expecting 4 snows at the most here this winter. They doubt that any of those snows will result in any serious weather conditions that will require school being let out. Sooo disappointing for me...


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