Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Final Word on the Matter

If you've been checking in on my earlier post that dealt with me having difficulty finding someone to cash a check for the Christmas Children, you know that several opinions have been stated there. At this time, I want to TRY to finalize everything on this matter.

What started out as a somewhat difficult day for me has mushroomed into a dreadful day. I am sooooooooo hurt by those of you out there who scorn me for wanting to help children in our area at Christmastime. What I did to you or anyone else to cause you to hold so much hatred and resentment for me must have been just horrible!!! I can never remember a time in my adult years when I ever tried to come up with anything to hurt anyone or anything. At this point in time, I am having physical distress at some of the comments made to hurt and belittle me. Because of my health problems, I cannot handle much of this.

I have NEVER EVER tried to force any of you to come forward and give to some area children. I thought that given the fact that I have a fairly popular blog here, that I could use it to help someone out. If you had the impression that you had to give, I apologize but I cannot see how anything I that I ever said should have given anyone that idea. Someone mentioned that donations should be given to churches and public organizations so that the help can get to the necessary people and so that the giver can also receive tax breaks. I COMPLETELY suggest that people do that if they are so inclined!!! No, I cannot offer you any tax incentives. That is not what my Christmas Children help is all about. I do this stictly on a personal level.

Maybe it is difficult for some people out there to realize that my husband, daughters, son, daughter-in-law and I do whatever we can to help the children of people out there who are having financial problems right now because we feel that that is something that we can and should do. And...we enjoy doing it!!!

After reading some of the comments this afternoon, I have come to a very painful but necessary realization--it is time for me to discontinue my blog. I am hurt extremely deeply tonight. Today, my husband and I were attacked for not having a local bank account. Quite frankly, THAT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! We do encourage people to shop locally but we definitely do NOT demand that you do!!! We do our best to shop at home but I admit that we do not do all of our purchasing at home. In a small town such as Leoti, it is not always easy to find everything that you need at prices that you can afford. In the past, I have mentioned various businesses on my blog that I thought deserved to be spotlighted. I have pointed out the exterior as well as interior changes that have taken place with these businesses. Was I wrong for supporting our Wichita County businesses???

In closing, I really hope that you can think of at least one positive thing that you enjoyed about my blog. I sincerely hope that something that I wrote on here gave you a little bit of sunshine every time that you met me here. As tears are filling my eyes, I just want you to know that I enjoyed getting to meet and know many of you here! So many of you have become like family to me. To those of you, I will be missing you...

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!!!


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  1. Lynn I enjoy reading your blog. I read the comments you reffered to in your story. I think you might have been a little wound up over things I didn't see what you are so upset about. you will never be able to please everyone THAT IS A FACT OF HUMAN NATURE!!!!! Only live to please yourself. Although I do not can not give to the children as my children are needy as well. Live your life to make you happy PLEASE! Please I beg of you quit threatening to quit writting your blog. are you just looking for sympathy?? either do it or don't you will Never be happy unless you serve yourself & your family in the way you want to. Thank you for writting your blog many enjoy it & some just need to be mean. well whatever your decision is I hope you make it for yourself & not feel like someone else made you do it. Remember we choose our own destiny! Life is about free will! What you do with yours is your business what I do with mine is mine. I LOVE reading your blog tho!!!! Thanks for doing it.


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