Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Children Problem

I posted here last Saturday that a very kind businessman in Wichita, Kansas had called me about contributing to our Christmas Children. I received his company check yesterday in the amount of $200.00 which was just what he had promised to give. His money would have been all that we needed to complete our gifts to the local children.

Once I received his check, I discovered that no one in our county or in Scott County is willing to cash it. Not because it is a bad check but because Stan and I do not have a bank account in either of these two counties. I called various stores in Wichita and Scott County. Again, no one could help us.

My sister, Lori, suggested that I try some check cashing businesses in Garden City. One lady who works at one of them told me that she is going to try to obtain permission from her supervisor to cash it for us. Normally, they allow a person to write a personal check to the check casher. The business then cashes it when the customer's paycheck is given to the employee. Of course, there are fees for doing this. This particular case is different. So far, I have heard nothing back from the company to let me know if they will be able to help with this or not.

So, we have a great man who wants to help these children. I have his check. No one will cash it. Isn't that just GRAND???



  1. Lynn
    You might want to see which bank he wrote the check on and see if there is a branch of that bank in Garden City. If you can take the check directly to a branch of his bank, I am confident they will cash it.

  2. lynn this is beth turley try to call my phone is dead was just reading your blog about trouble cashing checks caspers food store in scott city does my all the time usually 1.00 per hundred they cash my checcks all the time give them a call talk to them they maybe able to do that also denyys does also as long as u have id in scott city give both stores a call we have no bank acc here either and both stores cash for us every time caspers does us just have id good luck call asap before he leaves at 5pm they should help ya good luck hope ya can do this so kids get stuff i would love to help but loss ,y job in oct due to my ilness and am only able to get a few things for my kids and i know others i love to help and unable to do year god bless u good luck

  3. The check is drawn from Emprise Bank in Wichita. The closest branch to us is Goddard. I had hoped that there was one closer to us than that also.

    I called Denny's in Scott City and was told that they will only accept local checks now. Given the fact that I work for the credit bureau, I know that people writing worthless checks is worse now than it ever has been. That is why more and more businesses are accepting debit cards. They know that debit cards will allow the business to know right away if the customer has the money or not to cover the purchase that they are making.

    Thanks for the advice, everyone!!!


  4. Lynn
    If you haven't in the past 15 minutes, read your email.
    C -

  5. Lynn, doesn't churches, etc. help the needly in Leoti. Maybe you should give the money to the churches as I am sure they can cash the check. I have never heard of individuals accepting donations to help the poor, always an organization. I think it would be smart to get completely out of helping the poor people.

  6. Maybe you should just bank locally, then there wouldn't be a problem. Talk about keeping it local and you don't even bank here, huh?

  7. The churches in Leoti definitely help the needy here. It is already the 22nd so Christmas is just 2 days away. By now, I am sure that the churches have already accumalated the gifts and given them to the recipients. It would probably be a bit late to expect them to do that for me now. If I have to purchase the rest of the gifts by myself, that is what I will do.

    In 1981, Stan and I helped our first Christmas Children in Leoti. It is one of our fondest memories in our married life. We have thoroughly enjoyed helping the children last year and this year. At this time, I have no desire to hand the reigns over to anyone else. I believe that what we do helps a good amount of people who might not otherwise be helped by churches. One family in particular would NEVER go to any church or other organization for any kind of financial assistance. To meet the same family on the street, you may not ever think that they would not be responsible for a great Christmas all by themselves. In their case, a completely different set of circumstances are involved. I will not go into any greater detail about that. I am sure that you can appreciate my feelings on the matter.

    I also know from experience that what we do for other people's children has rubbed off in a very positive way on our own son and daughters. They have much more compassion and love for others that they may not ever have had on their own. They LOVE to help the other children. Their input is very helpful to us when we go shopping for the children. They know what the kids would probably like and dislike.

    I did not come from a wealthy family but I did come from parents who were extremely selfless and gave all that they could to help anyone out there who had this problem or that problem. I believe that it is because of them that I have grown to want to help others also.

    Besides, I have a WONDERFUL life that is full of love and care. People have showered me with so much throughout my entire life that I need to go out and give it back to others. That is what my God expects from each of us.

    Thank you for your advice!!! VLE-B

  8. This is in reference to the person who inquired about us not banking locally. Believe me, there are reasons why we do not. I could go into great detail but I will not. That is extremely personal business and I don't believe that I need to discuss it here. I would never tell anyone that they "have to" bank or buy locally so I don't want anyone to do that to me either.

    Our paychecks are automatically deposited into our debit accounts. It is difficult, if not impossible, to deposit a paper check into our accounts. Our debit cards are VISA and can be used practically everywhere. We can withdraw cash from our accounts at any universal ATM machine. This system works extremely well for us so we have no need or desire to do anything else.

    Thank you! VLE-B

  9. It is one thing to use your own resources to purchase gifts for those less fortunate. However, collecting money from other people to purchase those gifts is a slippery slope to embark upon. The organizations and churches that provide this service do so under great scrutiny to ensure that there is no impropriety.
    On a side note, most people that make charitable donations could use the tax break that they get when they donate to a recognized, legitimate charity.

  10. Get of Lynn's case you humbugs and have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  11. Well, one thing that we can all agree on is that we each have our very own opinion. LOL!!!

  12. Boy, it seems I missed a lot the last couple of days. Haven't been around to read your blog Lynne. I absolutely can't believe what I'm reading here. I think it demonstrates where our society has been heading for quite some time now. People!!! It is GOOD to Help others!!! Where has human compassion gone??? When it comes to people in need, tax breaks should be the last thing on our minds!! Who cares about a tax break if someone has a child who doesn't have Christmas at their house! In my opinion, if everyone would stop being so selfish and quit thinking of what their own gain would be for helping others, this world would be a much better place to live! Remember people, you will be judged as you judge others. Take the plank out of your own eye before you try taking the speck out of your neighbors. Do unto others as you would have THEM do unto you! Lynne, keep up the good work and do your banking AND shopping where ever you darn well please!! Merry Christmas and God Bless!


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