Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Christmas Plans

Well, Christmas Eve has arrived!!!

We finished up the bulk of our Christmas shopping including the rest of the Christmas Children's shopping, yesterday. We still have some wrapping to do but that will have to wait until Stan gets off work and comes home later today. Right now, the girls and I are working on our homemade dough for cinnamon rolls that we will be taking to Leif and Lori's house this evening. Tonight, we will be enjoying wonderful time with Grandma, Mama, Leif, Lori, Lars, Lona Sue and Hunter. We are so very blessed to have such wonderful family so near to us!!! Unfortunately, Adam and Mel will not be celebrating with us this weekend. They spent Thanksgiving with us. Now, it is time for their celebration with Mel's family in Texas. We will have our Christms with them next weekend. We look forward to that!!!

After the fellowhip there, we will return home to await our secretive visit from Santa Claus. We will come home far enough in advance of Santa's visit so that our family can open gifts from one another tonight. After those gifts are all opened, we will retire to our beds.

Tomorrow morning, much cooking will be done again before we join the same people at Leif and Lori's house. Normally, we spend one day at our house and one day at their house. Because of the fact that Lori must be on oxygen this year, we all decided that it would be much simpler to enjoy all of the festivites at their house.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will follow a new family tradition for the Elders. All of the 4 kids will pass the gifts out to the recipients. Last year, we started with the youngest of the family on up to the oldest getting to open all gifts before moving on up to the next person. Leighlyn said that she would like to draw numbers this year to determine when each person opens their gifts. Last year, it took all afternoon to get the gifts all unwrapped. We had a wonderful time!!! For us, this works best because everyone gets to see the expressions on the face of the person when they see what good fortune they have with each gift!!!

I hope that each of you will have a very special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!!

God bless each of you!!!


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