Monday, December 13, 2010

Not All Gift Cards are Created Equally!!!

I learned an important lesson yesterday and want to pass that knowledge on to all of you.

If you are under the same illusion that I was, you think that ALL companies who offer gift cards, charge a fee to activate that card. Usually, that is somewhere between $4.00 and $5.00. NOW I know that if you purchase a gift card from the only company that that card can be used such as Wal-Mart, TARGET, etc, those cards are free of charge. You just pay for the face value of the card. In many cases, YOU decide how much money you want that card to be worth. Maybe you want to make that card worth $5.00. Maybe $500.00. It's all up to you. And...the card is reloadable at any time. That works especially well for college students. They keep the card and their loved ones can return to the store at anytime to put additional money on it!!!

Just something that I thought some of you might be interested in knowing...


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