Monday, December 20, 2010

Squirrel Patrol

This morning was spent in running errands with Grandma in Scott City. After we returned to Leoti, Mama needed to run a couple of her own errands here. We decided to take a short ride in town to check out Christmas decorations. Of course, they are not nearly as pretty in the daylight but we still enjoyed them.

While we were out on our ride, we came across--or should I say--under a brave squirrel that must be training for a circus somewhere. He was doing a trapeze act on an electrical wire stretched across a street. We thoroughly enjoyed his routine so we parked and watched him for several minutes. (Boy, life in Leoti must seen very exciting to those of you who do not live in Leoti. LOL!!!) There were a few times when we wished that a firetruck was nearby to rescue the brave little guy. There were a few times when we feared that we would watch him fall to his death. He walked for at least another 50 feet before he found a nice tree that was sorta adjoined to his high wire. It was good to see him leave the wire!

As we drove around for another 15 minutes, we came across a couple of squirrels playing in a yard and a beautiful albino squirrel who had found some grain in the middle of the street. We were concerned that he would be run over as he refused to move to allow us to pass where he was standing. Again we parked and watched him as he entertained us. Once his grain was eaten, he scampered to a yard and disappeared up a tree.

For many years, Leoti had no squirrels. A few years ago, someone must've brought a pair to town. Little by little, they are reproducing and moving throughout Leoti neighborhoods. Most of us are enjoying them! However, there are others who claim to have a fondness for their flavor. Because of those people, I am not going to give any details of these particular squirrels' whereabouts. LOL!!!


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