Friday, December 10, 2010

Donation Total for Mr. and Mrs. Rene Mora

Donations are begining to come in for the family who lost their home to fire this week. I will mention them now. Earlier, I posted a list of items that they need to re-start their household. As time goes by, I will be marking those items off of the list that they have received. If you're interested in helping, please check back to their post.

If you want to, please email or call me to let me know what you are giving.

I just spoke with Mrs. Mora a few minutes ago. She told me that if you have items, etc that you want to give to them, you can bring them to their daughter's house at 402 South 6th Street (the former RB Stewart home.) If you have any questions, etc., please call them at 620-214-2129.


A $500.00 Sears gift card to help with purchases of appliances

washing machine and dryer

5 kitchen chairs


Thank you for your generous giving!!!


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