Saturday, December 18, 2010

Answer to Prayers for Christmas Children

Last year, we had little trouble accumalating much wanted gifts for Leoti's Christmas Children. Ten local children were served and ten children were THRILLED with their gifts!!!

This year, we are only trying to give to a total of 8 children. Times have gotten tougher all over the nation. Many families will be having to give less to their own families. Therefore, fewer people are able to give to children whom they normally would not be thinking of at Christmas time. All of this is totally understandable. I have been lying awake at night worrying about how we were going to help all of the children sufficiently. The people who are helping are being very generous in their gifts. I can't thank them enough!!! Our only problem is that the gift-givers are not as plentiful this year as what we had last year. Because of my fears, I have been praying about this.

Well, this morning, I received a phone call from a business in Wichita, Kansas. The gentleman at the other end of the line owns a business there that employs 6 people. I gave him the generalized information for all of the children except for their names, of course. I was floored when this man told me that he is sending us a $200.00 check to be used for our Christmas Children!!! His check should be here before mid-week--just in time for us to finish up our shopping for all of the kids!

In turn, I wanted him to give me information on his business so that I could post that right here. I always think that one good turn deserves another. The gentleman declined my request. He explained that he was not looking for advertisement possibilities. He just wants to help some good kids out here who deserve a good Christmas!!!

I just had to pass my prayers' answer out to all of you!!!

Merry Christmas to one and all!!!


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