Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh, soooo casual!

Ya' know, life is sweet here in our small little town of Leoti. For the most part, we all seem to know each other. No one expects a great deal of formality in our day-to-day activities. Most churches in town do not encourage their members to wear formal clothes on Sunday mornings. It is more important to wear more cmfortable clothes so that you pay more attention to the Bible's teachings rather than how hard your shoes are pinching your big, fat toe! LOL! Shoot! If you know me, you KNOW that I definitely do NOT put on any big fronts when I go downtown. I normally wear my everyday work-at-home clothes when I head to the grocery store, Dollar General, etc. I am normally involved in various activities at home that require absolutely no dress-up clothes. Maybe it is just the artist in me, but I think that it is part of the sweetness of small towns like Leoti to be able to recognize people for their characters--not just by the clothes that they wear.

But, today, I saw something that even shocked me! The girls and I had made a trip to a local store to purchase a few things. Leighlyn and Abigayle went in to make our purchases as I stayed in the van to be with "the herd". For some reason, I looked up from a letter that I was reading to see a young Leoti woman exit the store that the girls were in. I was stunned to see that she had worn a pair of fleecy pajamas and some blue fluffy slippers to go shopping! The picture would have been complete if she had curlers stuck in her hair.. Maybe some white night cream would have just finished off her outfit. LOL!!! She had a couple of her children with her but they were not dressed in their night clothes. Honestly, they looked a bit over-dressed in comparison to her...

Anyway, right off the bat, it dawned on me that Leoti is really getting more and more casual everyday. LOL!!! I realize that some people who saw her were probably not too pleased to see her dressed like that. But, at least she did not feel she had to be dressed like a model to go downtown... There was a man with the family whom I had never seen before or since. He actually looked like he had just stepped out of one of those email with pictures of "Wal-Mart shoppers". LOL!!!

It'll be interesting to see if others follow in the path that this couple has just blazed. LOL!!!



  1. At the colleges in California, particularly during finals week, that is what you see, PJ pants and flip-flops.

  2. Oh, I am sure that that probably happens bunches of times in college towns. Those students are having to cram so much into those days that I am sure adding the extra task of getting dressed is probably too much! LOL!!! I never went to college but both of my sisters did. I remember them talking about how stressed they were and really didn't get into normal dressing and applying make-up.

    I must admit that there are definitely times that I don't bother to dress to go shopping. Instead, I wear my handy-dandy moo moo, drive the girls to the store and sit in the van or car while they spend the money for me! LOL!!! And BELIEVE ME, Leoti is not ready to see me shopping in my notorious moo moo!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the comment!!! VLE-B


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