Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Kids

Just needing to ask for your feedback on this subject. As you know, we are trying to get gifts for 3 teenagers and 3 grade school aged kids. So far, I have received $70.00 in cash that will be used for these gifts. I also know that there is a family who is purchasing gifts for the three younger kids. Tonight, I learned of another couple who wants to help. A local family is also purchasing some items for the teenagers.

But, now, I am trying to find out what people are planning on giving to the 2 sets of kids so that we have a better idea of what to purchase them from us, and also, so that we can pass the information on to other people who might decide to give also.

I might add that the three teenagers belong to one family. The three younger kids are from a seperate family. If you would be interested in giving a group gift such as a family game, etc., that would be wonderful also!

Anyway, If you have already purchased gifts or are planning on purchasing gifts for any of these kids, could you please email me at or call me at 620-375-4584 or 620-376-8922 and let me know what you are giving? Please do not leave your information in the comment box just in case these 6 children or their family members may be reading it. We want everyone to be surprised!

We will be delivering our gifts and any gifts that are brought to us for the two families on Christmas Eve.

Thank you!!!


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