Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Blog Moment in Time...

Time after time, I have written about our home on my blog. I am very proud of our house and enjoy showing it off to others! But, right now, I am a bit concerned about our living room. Our front door opens up to our foyer. From the foyer, you end up in the living room.

Normally, our living room is nice and roomy but once we bring out the Christmas tree, we find that it is difficult to place it with all of the furniture and not have it looking cramped. I DO NOT like that at all!!! Right now, we have our large closed up entertainment armoire sitting right next to our large curio cabinet with nothing else between the two. This is not how I like to have everything set up!!!!! So, yesterday morning, I decided to move the curio cabinet into our bedroom until after Christmas. Fine. Right? Wrong! It took me 45 MINUTES to move the curio just four feet in the living room. Once I finally got it to one of the archways that seperate the living room from the dining room and kitchen, I had to remove the floor's moulding that covers the point where our wood floor meets the kitchen's ceramic tiled floor. Eventually, I managed to push the cabinet all of the way down the hallway and angled it off to go through our bedroom doorway. Great! Right? Wrong!

All of a sudden, the cabinet made contact with something hard and refused to budge. For 4 HOURS yesterday afternoon, I tried this and I tried that to get the cabinet through our bedroom door to no avail.

Folks, during this whole day, I was wearing my night gown. I am not accustomed to wearing my night clothes all day but I could not get into our bedroom so that I could change my clothes because of the blockage that I put there! I continued to try this and to try that. Still, nothing changed. I had it wedged into the doorway just well enough that it was impossible for me to pull it out. A few minutes before 4:00, Leighlyn, Abigayle and Danny got home from school. I asked Leighlyn to come and take a look at "my project" and see if she could figure out how to get the cabinet pushed in to the bedroom or pulled out of the doorway. Unfortunately, she had no advice either. I had her stand on our kitchen step ladder to see what in the world we were up against. Unfortunately, even with the aid of the ladder, she could not see the top, let alone, what was on the other side of the cabinet...

It was at that point that I decided to see if Danny wanted to be adventurous. He was only TOO happy to help!!! He climbed as high as the ladder would take him. Then, Leighlyn and I boosted him the rest of the way upwards. He climbed onto the furniture's top and quickly realized that the corner of the cabinet was up against one side of the doorway.

So...try as we had, this cabinet was not going into the bedroom without us tearing the wall down. But...then Danny told us that his body was S-T-U-C-K on the cabinet!!! He couldn't go forward because his head would become stuck. He couldn't go backwards or sideways because he was afraid of falling. I did all that I could to bring him down safely but nothing worked.

Stan is training a new truckdriver this week and was having to work later than normal. Both of us were supposed to help prepare and serve food for the GAP kids at church last night. I was STILL in my night gown and Leighlyn refused to let me out of the house until I was dressed a bit better. (Boy! She is particular!!! I also offered to wear my infamous moo moo to which she exclaimed "NO WAY!!!")

It was obvious that we had no other choice than to call Danny's father, Gonzalo, over to rescue him. I made that phone call to Gonzalo. Gonzalo began laughing as soon as I explained this his son was stuck on top of our cabinet! Gonzalo came right over, climbed up the ladder and rescued his son!!! He then did some checking and told me that there was no way that the curio cabinet was going into our bedroom unless we brought it through one of bedroom windows.

Now don't you go thinking that we would never do such a redneck thing, because we would and WE HAVE done just that!!! A little over a year ago, we could not get a certain sofa through the front door so...we did the next best thing--took out one of the windows. Gonzalo and I stayed in the house while Stan and Justin and another guy lifted the sofa up to the window at which time, Gonzalo and I pulled it onto the inside of the house!!! Can you imagine the laughter that our neighbors and passersby must have enjoyed at that sight??? LOL!!!

Well, the curio cabinet has been returned to it's unrightful place next to the armoire in the living room. Chances are that it will remain there until the day after Christmas when the tree, etc are taken down and put away for another year.

As for me and my clothes, once the cabinet was moved back to the living room, I was able gain entry into our bedroom again. I put on a pair of jeans and the "red velour' shirt that Mama had gotten for me to wear for the holidays. I sure got some funny looks from people at church when they saw my "fashionable shirt" but, at least, I did not embarass Leighlyn by wearing my night gown or moo moo. LOL!!!

Stan gets so irritated with me for worrying what our guests will think when they come over and the furniture is not set up "just right"... Hmmm, just another joy Stan gets to have for being married to me!!!


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