Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Children Needs

We still need some items for our younger Christmas Children. Here is a list of things that they would LOVE to have:

toy cars

toy trucks

toy airplanes

baby dolls

barbie dolls

board games

story books that children from 6 to 12 would enjoy

coloring books

art sets (magic markers, crayons, finger paint, play dough, etc.)

All three of these children are very slender. I have their sizes just in case you are interested in buying something like that for them.

Boys (9 and 10)

12 slim jeans

medium to large tee shirts (They love the kind that have super heroes, animals, cars, trucks, etc on them.)

1 girl (8)

10 slim jeans

small to medium tee shirt (She likes all of the same things as the boys do.)

Just thought that this might help people know what the kids would really enjoy having! I will tell you that we have not heard of many gifts that will be coming for these children.

Thank you for helping!!!


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