Monday, December 13, 2010


For awhile, our nephew, Hunter, has been telling us that he sees a man who looks just like my Danley in Garden City quite often. He does not know who he is. Last week, Mama and Lori happened upon the same person. They were dumbfounded by the fact that these two men could be identical twins!!!

Anyway, there is a saying that claims that we all have an identical twin somewhere in the world. Well, it seems that Stan's must live in GC--just an hour away from Leoti.

Of course, Stan and I would love to meet this gentleman who even sports a beard just like my Danley. Word of warning...if you meet this man on the street and he does not respond to you as you would expect to be acknowledged from Stan, please do not get your feelings hurt. Chances are that you just met his double!!!


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