Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cleaning for a Reason

I've mentioned this before on my blog quite awhile ago. I want to refresh everyone's memories as I am sure that since reading my prior post, you have learned of other ladies in your life who have just been diagnosed with cancer. The disease is tiring enough but the chemotherapy is literally POISON. It also takes a great deal out of people. I am sure that these ladies would appreciate a FREE cleaning service!

It works like this!

1. The patient goes to this website:

Once there, she will find all of the details including a FAX number.

2. She then contacts her doctor and asks him to FAX a simple note that specifies that she is currently stricken with cancer and is taking treatment of chemo and/or radiation. No further personal details are necessary.

3. At that point, the folks at Cleaning for a Reason take over. This very worthwhile organization will hire a reputable cleaning service in that person's county who will do the necessary work. The cleaning will be done once per month for four months.

Tell the lady whom you know about this service. She'll thank you for it!


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