Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have known about this for almost a month now. I chose not to mention it here until I had the proper permission to do so. Though I speak with this responsible couple very often, I kept forgetting to ask until last night. Now, I will share the news with all of you!!! In addition to what I am about to disclose here, I want you to know that they are two chief contributors to our Christmas Children and have been for the past two years. They provide so much joy to each of these kids...

Unless you have been napping under a rock for the past several years, you are fully aware of the fact that we are at war with Iraq and Afghanistan. No one has given as much to this fight as the men and women who are actually fighting the war and their families who are back here hoping and praying that their loved ones there will be returning home sometime soon, alive and healthy.

The public is invited to be involved at any time to give their thanks to each of these soldiers and their families. The bulk of us choose to be involved at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Others continue to do their part yearround.

Chris and Peter are people who help our soldiers all year long. One of those ways is extremely emotional. They belong to an organization that is notified every time one of our courageous men and women is killed in combat. Lately, they have been receiving more of this information than at any time since this war has begin in 2001. Once they have the information, they sit down, pen in hand, and write a letter to the surviving loved ones and tell them how much they appreciated the dedication that the solider had for his/her country and give their heartfelt sympathy for the family left behind.

But, not all of their support is given in times of sadness. Every year, they go through massive information of soldiers and and their families who are on a list to be adopted by members of the public at Christmas. This year, Chris and Peter eventually chose three families. All of them are headed by men who are currently serving overseas. One of these men is currently in Afghanistan. None of the men will be home for the most beautiful holiday of the year.

As they went through their information, they discovered that each of these men make a total of $600 to $900 per month. One man is a Marine, one man is in the Army nad one man is in the Navy. None of these men's families live close to the bases. None of these families own a vehicle that they can use to get to the bases to take advantage of lower priced foods and supplies. To say that they are barely getting by financially, would be a definite understatement.

When you join this organization to adopt a soldier, you are asked to donate a $20-30 gift for each child in the family and to give the parent at home $50.00 to spend on their family's Christmas dinner. That was not good enough for these families that Chris and Peter adopted. Instead, early this month, Peter purchased three 2011 Ford Explorers that will be given to each family. Still, that was not good enough. They have purchased gift after gift for everyone in the family. Each gift is beautifully wrapped. The gift purchasing is not complete until there are enough gifts to go from the floorboards to the ceiling in each vehicle. The only place in each vehicle that is empty is the driver's seat. Chris and Peter will have their assistant, Martin, deliver each vehicle to each family on Christmas Eve. (All families live in California.) At that time, Martin will film the family as they discover their gifts. Then, the footage will be given to Chris and Peter. I can hardly wait to see the footage! Chris and Peter will be sending it to our family to see also!!!

Footnote: I have written several posts on Chris and Peter on my blog. Chris is the former Chris Campbell of Leoti. Her mother was Joann Campbell who owned a major insurance firm here. Local family members here include Iona Dierks, Jana Simon, Ruth Ritter, Kim Watt and Matt and Lisa Dierks.

Peter M. is from a very well-known and distinguished family from back East. I prefer not to disclose their name at this time. Just know that if I did, you would definitely know who am I talking about.

I just want to express my love and admiration to Chris and Peter who are doing so much for our soldiers...



  1. After being in the military for twenty years I find it hard to believe anyone this day and age will only receive $600-900 a month. The base pay for an E-2 coming out of basic training is $1600.00 monthly, then on top of that they receive $225.00 for combat pay, they receive dependence and housing payments monthly. The pay that was quoted must have been in the 60's. I ask this one question, "So if they receive an new Ford Explore, who is going to pay for the insurance and license?" I think before Chris and Peter quote wages they had better get the info correct! May they keep up the wonderful work in Africa.

  2. I thought the same thing as the first commenter when I read it. Those salary numbers don't ring true. Somebody has bad information....


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