Thursday, December 9, 2010


As you know, I posted a "need list" for the Rene and Isabelle Mora family whom lost their home to a fire on Monday. Since they lost everything except for their clothes and 3 pans, they need absolutely EVERYTHING. Most newly-wed couples start out with more than that... Anyway, I am very happy to tell you today that I received a phone call last night from a family who is giving the couple a gift card to Sears worth $500.00 in which to help with appliance purchases. Isn't that unbelievably WONDERFUL???

Once the Moras have found a new home, the card will be sent to me and then I will pass it on to Mr. and Mrs. Mora. If you are considering sending money to them to help in purchasing appliances, you might want to consider getting them a Sears gift card also. I definitely do NOT expect anyone else to be able to give such a wonderful amount of money but every dollar that you give is one dollar that the Moras will not have to spend out of their own pockets... The Moras appreciate any and all help that you can give to them in this devastating time in their lives!

Thank you!!!


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