Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Newly Re-Discovered Cousin

A year ago, I was signed up on FACEBOOK. In the beginning, I checked out FB several times a day. Now, I usually check in once or twice a week. Time is hectic for me now. But, I had received a friend request from someone named Tiffani. I did not recognize her last name. Before I discarded her request, I did discover that she and I had one similar friend. At that point, I realized that this Tiffani was none other than my great cousin, Tiffani Pepper, who lived in Leoti many years ago. It is great to be reconnected with her!!! Tiffani is the daughter of Bob and Judy Pepper who owned one of Leoti's Daylight Donut Shop and the Pepper grocery Store which was just north of the courthouse here. Tiffani has one younger brother named Thorndale. Both are younger than me.

See, these social networks can do a lot to bring people from our pasts back to the here and now.


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