Friday, December 24, 2010

Update on the Christmas Family of Three Young Kids

I received word through the grapevine yesterday that the three youngest Christmas Children had another major defeat the day before yesterday. I only wish that I could lay out all of this family's information but I cannot. I can tell you that one thing the children could always depend on for being there for them was their dog. On Wednesday evening, the dog got out of their house and was struck and killed by a vehicle. Just one more slap in these children's faces...

Once I received this information, I immediately checked into dog adoption in our area. I discovered 3 or 4 dogs in Leoti and Scott City who are on death row. Any one of these dogs would have brought great joy to the kids. Stan contacted the father. He declined any of the dogs. I don't know why he turned them down. I do know that he was very hurt by the death also. Maybe he just believed that the family needed to heal before they accepted a new dog into their family.

After hearing of this disaster, I was even more determined than ever that what we do for these Christmas Children is totally important!!! I know these three kids and I can imagine what they are dealing with right now. In the next three hours, we will be delivering their gifts to them. Finally, they will will have something to look forward to--not looking backwards at the dog they soooo loved and lost.

To all of you who have given gifts to these children, I want to tell you that each and every cent that you spent on them will be worth so very much more!!!

God bless all of you!!!


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